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Are you ready to take your permanent makeup business to the next level? Are you tired of always being on the hunt for the next client? Are you lacking direction? Do your dreams of financial independence in a career you can be proud of seem more and more distant? I've been there and if you let me I CAN HELP! For most of you your skill is more than enough, but I’m guessing your training (like most) didn’t offer insight on how to start and grow a successful business. Here, I am going to teach you everything I’ve learned and did to grow my single-girl, side hustle into a booming permanent makeup business with three locations, a full staff, and a seven figure revenue in just under 3 years time. You can purchase classes individually, or for the same price as one class, you can have access to all our online modules, weekly group coaching video calls, along with our private forum, by joining The Alliance.

The Formula

Transforming a side hustle that started in my basement into a 7 figure business, all while doing what I love was not EASY. But it was SIMPLE. And I have the formula! You can purchase individual courses or have access ALL of them to fast track you to building an empire.

  • Complete business and technique courses with step by step guidance through video and ebooks.

  • LIVE weekly group coaching calls to answer questions and learn from others' questions.

  • Private Facebook group for members only to get support, ask questions, and receive ongoing training.

Memberships And Individual Training

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What our students are saying

“I searched for two years before I trusted someone to do my brows. Upon meeting Amber I was inspired by her entire story of how Brow Envy was created & how she grew her business. I didn’t even entertain the idea of training anywhere else because she made the business education just as important as the permanent cosmetics education. The training is thorough, educational, & fun enough so as not to be overwhelming. They share your vision & support you along the way. You’re doing this because you want to make a life change, and they’re here to help change lives. Win win. ”

Amanda, a10 Brow Studio, @a10browstudio

“I was a little nervous, but I knew it would be worth it and I trusted it was the right decision choosing Brow Envy. It takes money to make money! I love the group on Facebook and Amber always makes it clear communications lines are always open. I needed a part time career to help me financially and most importantly follow my passion for what I do. I now am able to travel more, take more vacations and enough what I do. Everything has fallen perfectly into place and I thoroughly enjoy my life more now! ”

Savannah, Lash & Brow Special Specialist, @lashandbrowspecialist

“I have to admit that I thought about how much the cost was and if I could do it in this business. But I thought to myself that you have to take risks to have rewards so this is an investment into my future and I'm definitely worth it. Honestly, Amber and her videos helped seal the deal. I love how she is for so many of the same things I am and how she's so relatable. She's living her dream right now and shows it's possible for anyone. My initial goal was to open my own business and this month I did! Do it, follow your dreams and make them a reality. You are worth it and you can make the life you want! Amber is awesome and I'm so glad I chose her for my training with her team and ongoing support.”

Kristina, Desire Brow Design, @desirebrwdesign

“I was very hesitant to enroll as I had already paid for two previous trainings. I liked the content, so I just went for it. The FB support group is a life saver. Someone always responds back in a timely manner whether it be another classmate or one of Brow Envy's team. Amber and team are very friendly AND encouraging! It can be intimidating posting your work but they cheer you on. Other trainings, you pay for your class and that's the last you hear from the trainer - here they genuinely want you to succeed and assist in whatever they can do to help! This training was so informative and I couldn't be more happy with my choice in choosing this training.”

Lindsay, Exhale Yoga Spa, @exhale_yoga_spa

Your Coach

Amber Harrison


What was intended to be a one-girl, startup side business on a broken laptop—is now a fully staffed permanent makeup studio occupying 3 locations across Ohio. This is my story! In early 2016, I was a burnt out corporate employee—totally uninspired and stuck. From the outside looking in, It appeared I had it all figured it out. I had stability, great pay, and benefits. What more could a girl ask for with three little kids and a husband to think about? Purpose! I lacked purpose. So I did some digging. I believe it was a dreaded Sunday night. In my quest to quiet the impending Monday blues, I thought back to something I saw in 2013 that was absolutely fascinating. It was Microblading! Now 2016, I soon discovered NO one in the midwest was offering it. This was my ‘Aha’ moment. With a little urging from my husband, we spent some money we didn’t have and I was off to training. I became absolutely obsessed with idea of Microblading. In just under two weeks time I had built a website, started an Instagram and Facebook page. All before I had ever been formerly trained. Initially the plan was to do brows part time in order to earn just enough money to quit my job. But God had a much larger vision! Within 2 months of starting, I had booked ALL of my available time and before I knew it I was turning prospective clients away. There was only one thing to do…QUIT MY JOB! I started in a small salon suite, before finding a space to rent in Glendale in 2017, where we began assembling a team of lash and brow artists. In 2018, we opened a second location in Columbus, and in 2019 we opened our permanent makeup training facility in Lebanon, OH. Brow Envy has organically developed into a place that supports women in every way—we have a team of women, who balance motherhood, work, and the demands of the world all while empowering other women. Through our beauty services we strive to make every FEEL and look amazing. But, our true mission is to make every woman who walks through that door feel strong, capable and confident. Much like our services, our classes are centered around helping women be more independent and find financial and time freedom. I am blessed to have been able to spend most of my time over the last couple years teaching and coaching microblading. I’ve tried and tested at all, and I know what works. I’M HERE TO HELP! I am so happy you are here and hope you'll join our Brow Envy family! XOXO, Amber Harrison

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You can purchase classes individually, or for the same price you can have access to all our online modules, weekly group coaching video calls, and our private forum, by joining ‘The Alliance’.

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